Blacklick Trail

This scenic trail weaves users throughout the Blacklick Creek greenway corridor. Users of this trail can travel to three different Metro Parks: Pickerington Ponds, Blacklick Woods and Three Creeks Metro Parks.
Length: 19 miles
Type: Paved Surface
Trail Heads: Middle Section - (East then downstream): Pickerington Ponds Metro Park, Portman Park. This trail starts at the Confluence Trails Area within Three Creeks Park and follows the Blacklick Creek corridor upstream till it ends just south of S.R. 33.
Southern Section - Confluence Trails Area within Three Creeks Park.

Points of Interest Along the Route:

Three Creeks Metro Park featuring restrooms, boating access, walking trails, picnicking areas, pet trails and a connection to Alum Creek Greenway Trail
Pickerington Ponds Metro Park featuring hiking trails, picnicking areas, and educational programming.
Blacklick Woods Metro Park featuring athletic fields, playground, picnicking areas, nature center, walking trails, sledding/skiing and golf.